1 week individual Yoga retreat on  the beautiful island Tenerife for 1-3 people, flexible date

Barbara sitting in meditation pose in a room with woden floor and natural stone and loam walls

Relax, energize and give yourself new rhythm  

Do you need a break to recover yourself, to gather yourself inwardly and
to realign? 
 Do you want to combine your holidays with Meditation, Yoga and healthy food and to stay at a beautifully quiet place, surrounded by nature? Do you want to bring new Inspiration into your daily routine?                 

Kanarisches Landhaus aus Stein mit Palme, im Hintergrund Meerblick

Then you are in the right place on our Eco Farm La Tanquilla.

This will be a week entirely for yourself to find inner stillness, to relax, to regenerate deeply, to process inner issues and to realign.

The individual professional Mentoring will allow you to really feel supported in your body and soul`s needs.

Barbara in the hero Yoga pose

We will start our day with a 1,5 h session of Meditation and Hatha Yoga.
After a shared breakfast you are free to create the day as you like, for example enjoying the sun and the ocean at the beach, going for a hike in the mountains, relaxing or helping on our farm,… .

On two mornings I will offer you individual healing sessions, especially matched to your body and soul`s needs.

Therapy room made out of natural materials, massage table in the middle of the room

On one evening we will come together with people living on the islands to share a Mantra Singing Session together, guided by me.

Another highlight will be the medicine walk, which we will do together on one of the afternoons.

fennel growing ina garden

We offer you ecological, homemade, vegan food, made with a lot of love. Many of the ingredients we pick in our own garden directly before cooking.

This week can be an entrance into a more conscious, healthier and happier life.

Pine tree in the canadas of Tenerife, in the background there is the blue sky

Included is:

7 nights in our holiday house  on our farm La Tanquilla

Every day a 1,5 h morning session of Hatha Yoga and Meditation, including Inspirations from the beautiful Yoga teaching, which can help us to live more connected and happier life.

A woman placing her hand on a pine tree and embrazing the tree

Every morning a wonderful vegan breakfast

Two individual healing sessions

A medicine walk, matched for your soul needs

A Mantra Singing night

two pilot wales swimming on the surface of the ocean in the atlantic of Tenerife

Every night a homemade vegan dinner

If you want, we can organize for an additional charge of 50€ a meditative boat Trip to the wales and dolphins, who are living close to the cost of Tenerife. We will be accompanied by Taysa Tello, who has years of experience in the communication with the marine mammals.

Dormitory in an old canarian land house with antique furnitures

Accommodation: Single or double bedroom in our holiday house

Prices for the entire Retreat:

Single person: 1170€

Two persons sharing a double room: 885€

Two persons, each staying in a single room, shared kitchen and bathroom: 952€


Details about our practices:

Hatha Yoga: We are practising Asanas (yoga postures) and Pranayama (breathing with awareness) according to Selverajan Yesudian. This will help us to rhythm and energize our body system. At the same time the concentrated way of practising helps to calm our mind, which normally tends to be restless. The reached stillness creates a container for a deep realignment with ourselves and with our true peaceful inner nature. This allows that real inspiration can rise and can help us to come into an authentic flow of live.

Meditation: Meditation is the state of consciousness, in which our thoughts and emotions have calmed down completely. In this state we experience deep peace, oneness, and deep joy coming from inside.

 „The sense of Meditation is, to realize God and to join the little joy of the soul with the endless joy of the great spirit“ Paramahansa Yogananda

With the help of several Meditation practices we can train to enter into this state of Meditation.

Medicine Walk: The term Medicine Walk derives from the Indian tradition. I use it here in the sense of an excursion in the powerful nature of this beautiful island Tenerife, to reconnect with nature  and to experience out of this contact, healing for yourself. We will decide together on site how this will look for you exactly. It can be for example a silent hike, a little vision quest (going into nature with a question and receive her answers) or an authentic movement session, guided by me.

Mantra Singing: Singing Kirtans and Bhajans is part of the Bhakti Yoga pathway, the Yoga of unconditional love and compassion. These spiritual songs are chanted prayers, which- through their vibrations- lift up our body- soul frequency and make us feel harmonious and satisfied. Also they lead us very easily into stillness and the experience of unity. Chanting is opening up the heart!

Meeting the marine mammals: Here on Tenerife I am fortunate to make the ongoing experience of meeting the pilot wales and the dolphins, who are living close by here.  

They are intelligent beings (recognised by science), vibrating in a similar way as we human beings do. The only difference is, that they have not separated from themselves and from nature. If we approach them with patience and respect, they mostly come close to the boat and integrate us in their being and in their games.

Encounters with them can have therapeutic effects, because they are living in line with nature and reflect perfect harmony. We can communicate with them and can receive answers from them to our questions.

Plant- based complete nutrition: Food is medicine, or poison! Many studies, that are industry independent, show us, that the plant- based nutrition is the healthiest way of nutrition, which can avoid a lot of diseases or even can heal those.

In Yoga we say, that nutrition should be sattvic= pure and high vibrating. What does this mean?  Food should be as fresh as possible, should be as natural as possible, should be coming from nearby, should be prepared with love and should be produced without having caused any suffering.

Have the wonderful experience of eating natural, plant- based, sattvic and homemade food for one week and feel the difference!

Healing sessions: I am a spiritual healer and a physiotherapist and have run my own practise for many years. I am highly skilled in spiritual spinal realignment, Craniosacral Therapy, body orientated psychotherapy, massages and more.

Although this course is run and managed by myself, my beautiful family, my partner Chetan and my son Arun, will, I am sure, be a wonderful part of your experience.

We are looking forward to meet you!