Craniosacral Therapy

Hands of Barbara palm up lying on the belly of her client

Craniosacral therapy is a manual therapy, based on awareness.

I work using different emphases, depending on the needs of my clients.

The range of my work includes classical biomechanical craniosacral therapy, by Dr. Upledger and visceral osteopathy.

I also practice biodynamic craniosacral therapy and craniosacral work with the soul, which is a wonderful form of body-oriented psychotherapy

 Classical Craniosacral therapy and visceral osteopathy

Hands holding a head of a woman, who is in lying position

Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle, holistic body therapy.

With the help of non-invasive, manual techniques, which activate the body’s natural self-regulatory forces, physical blockages can be located and released. Precise knowledge of the connections within the body is an essential element of this process.

The root causes for complaint often lie in a different place to the actual physical symptoms. In a craniosacral therapy session, the key damage within the whole organism is sensed and treated, so that the body can find its way back to harmony

Craniosacral work with the soul

A heart build in the sand

The cause of physical complaints also often is found in the mind, in the emotional part of a human being or in his/her thought structures.

During treatment, through the acute awareness of the therapist’s touch and her presence to whatever is happening in the body, old memories can come to the surface. These memories are stored in the body’s „cell memory“, in the cells of the tissue and the organs.

This process only happens, if the person receiving treatment is ready for it. Through work with inner constellations and with therapeutic dialogue, old, unprocessed issues can be brought to light and set on a healing path.

Healing inner conceptions are developed, which support the person being treated to discover parts within themselves that are already whole and healthy. This healing work always happens in a resource- orientated way.

Biodynamic craniosacral therapy

A hand touching only with the fingertips a Artery of someone elses foot

Biodynamic craniosacral therapy is an advanced development of classical craniosacral therapy. The aim here is to initiate profound regeneration and reparation processes on a cellular level in the body of the person being treated.

The capacity of our body for self-regulation and regeneration arises from its intrinsic wholeness. In biodynamic work this capacity is used, through connecting with the wholeness and the health within.

A key part is the work with “primary respiration“, also known as “breath of life“, which is a gently pulsating rhythm within our body’s biological make up, that has the power to heal and reorganize the organism on a deep cellular level.

The therapist uses mindful manual techniques to affect the cardiovascular system, the nervous system and the fluid systems of the body, made up of all the fluid in the human organism. These systems provide a beautifully simple access point to our wholeness.

Biodynamic craniosacral therapy also has a regulating and organising effect on the soul.