Spiritual spine straightening healing method according to Anne Hübner

A woman lies on the massage table, she receives a energetical treatment of another woman

Nowadays almost everyone has got a misaligned spine. Scoliosis, curvature, distortion and pelvis obliquity with a difference in length of legs are the order of the day.
Over the years there can evolve various health problems due to this spinal misalignment, as for example:

Back pain due to:

  •  intervertebral disc deterioration
  • Disc prolapse or disc herniation
  • Vertebrae blockage
  • Muscle tension
  • Etc.


Healing hands lying on the stomach of a person

Moreover, caused by this misalignment of the spine there often develop other health problems as hip-, knee-, and foot troubles. Through the close connexion with the nervous system, which is running through the spinal canal and going out to all other organ systems, any blockage of a vertebra can cause dysfunctions in its assigned organ.

The spiritual straightening of the spine is a realignment of the spine, this healing method works on all levels of the body- mind- soul system.

The healing process takes place within seconds and have not to be repeated. During the process I don`t touch the body, it`s not a form of manual therapy, the healing is achieved solely through the impulse of the intelligent spirit.


On the physical level, the spine straightens, the shoulder blades come at the same high, and the difference of legs adjust, the whole body aligns.

On the emotional-, mental- and spiritual level basic blockades are solved, which are stored as information in the cells of the spine. Past loads are releasing. The light full straightening energy enters as a new healthful information into the cells of the spine and brings the possibility of an expansion of consciousness.

The spiritual spine straightening healing method can be recommended to every person, independent of age. Even unborn children can be straightened in the womb. It is a strong healing impulse of our age for everyone, equal whether someone has a disease, in which stage is the disease, or just for prevention and expansion of consciousness.