Praxis für geistiges Heilen Barbara Stumpp

Retreat in nature on Tenerife

Waves breaking against the rocky shore of  inthe north of Tenerife

A training in awareness, sincere communication and deep connecting



Wind, clouds,  trees, grass, stones, rocks, the ocean … all oft hem have a lot to tell us and they are willing to share their wisdom with us. What is needed, is a deep listening. An open mind and internal space.


A group of 5 people are playing and dancing on a beach of  Tenerife

By practising a direct, conscious attention towards and in nature in this retreat we will deepen our awareness, spontanety and intuition. Basically it´s about healing our connection to nature, because in our experience that connection in most of us humans of the northern hemisphere exists merely superficially...

 Training in spiritual healing

a woman is sitting, her hands  on her lab, the palms towards each other with a littledistance in between, letting flow healing energy

I offer a complete training in spiritual healing, divided into five levels. The basic  training consists of Reiki degree one and two, upgrated with other healing methods.

In level three and four you can learn wonderfull advanced spiritual healing  as making your own remedies, elixirs, healing with precious stones and rock crystals, clearing houses, spaces and humans from electromagnetic radiation and creating permanente places of power free of electromagnetic harm.

The highlight of the training will be the last level, you can become an exeptional healer by learning the divine straightening of the spine!